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Jumping on the 30 day Anime Challenge! question # 4

Soooo late but so what!

Here’s the next on the list:

My favorite female character  ever?

UGH! too hard, i have to narrow it to 3  and in no order

Yukino Miyazawa of Kareshi no Kanojo or simply Kare Kano is a seemingly smart, attractive, athletic and talented person, who appears to be a model student. However, Her “perfect” exterior is merely a façade to hide the fact that everything she does is done solely to receive praise from others.AND stuff happened.. interesting stuff wohooo! Well anyway she’s an interesting evolving character. She wasnt given a role to be goody two shoes and she did not let people step on her and cry or act all marty-like. Makes me wanna vomit when they show scenes like that. Although Yukino is  sometimes sweet and innocent  at least  she does have her mean streak from time to time which makes watching Kare Kano interesting.


Sana Kurata from Kodomo no Omocha, child actress, adopted child, wants to help people around her but cluelsana kurataess about love and thinks her manager is her boyfriend. How cute is that? hehe! No spoilers! Of course again.. things get interesting. But she has a strong personality and even though growing up is a pain she does it with so much enthusiasm and ENERGY!
Beware of watching this anime in subs. You really got to read fast coz Kana talks so fast all the time it’s like she is always on sugar high.
I really like the male protagonist of the story too.
She is always making ups songs. Funny songs ❤

Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat, so instead of being puppy eyed and tries to forgive her childhood sweet heart she revolts andskip beat female shows everyone she cant be beat! She doesnt do the love struck hopeful musings that he will change for her. She changes herself!

Love her acting skills. hehe!




Muppet dog Adventure!

A day in the park proves dangerous… what will happen next!

Tune in for the next muppetness.

Jumping on the ANIME 30 day challenge! day 3

Jumping on the ANIME 30 day Challenge! day 2

Jumping on the 30 day Anime Challenge! day 1

I saw this post by and would like to  join in the fun! I dont know who the original person that created the challenge, so credits to him/her anyway!

Here’s the challenge 30daychallengeYes i know  i wish it was in text form too but since  it’s something you need to post everyday, i don’t mind so much.

So DAY ONE – What was the first anime I watched?

I was very young so I have no real recollection of the first anime it might be one of the following:

1) Astro Boy

Astro Boy comicsThe story follows the adventures of a robot named Astro Boy and a selection of other characters along the way.[2] Astro Boy was adapted into the first popular animated Japanese television series that embodied the aesthetic that later became familiar worldwide as anime.



2) Daimos

daimosAfter the destruction of their home world, the survivors of the planet Baam (“Brahmin” in the Philippine dub, and “Valerians” in the US dub Starbirds) head towards Earth with the goal of negotiating the purchase of land for emigration. Unfortunately, during the negotiations, the Baam-seijin (literally, ‘Baam Star People’) leader, Leon, is assassinated.

Shortly after the disastrous end of the talks, the Baam-seijin begin a campaign of terror against Earth, who deploys a variety of “Mecha Soldiers” against the planet’s defenses. The only thing standing between the Earthlings and annihilation is the transforming, karate-using super robot, Daimos.

3) Voltes V (Five)

voltes-v-side-2Voltes V’s home base is Camp Big Falcon, a fortress situated on a bird-shaped island along the coast of Japan. Voltes V’s enemies are the Boazanians; namely Prince Heinell, Katharine, Jangal, and Zuhl. The series focuses on the struggle against the Boazanian invaders, and the Gō brothers’ search for their long-lost father.

These were airing on tv in the 80’s and it was dubbed in English. I did not know then that they cartoons from Japan, soon to be called ANIME!

Tune in for the next answer of the challenge that would be: Favorite anime I’ve watched so far.

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin (ep 20) VS Battlestar Galactica?



Highlight of episode 20! WOOT! How can Levi do 3 in one go? LOL!

But yes after trying my best this week in containing my curiosity of who will be inside the aberrant female titan, they prolonged and heightened our anticipation. OMG! i cant take it anymore!!!


Perhaps pretty obvious but maybe just maybe there’s more to it than looking like Annie. There i said it!

Oh and because if she was caught as a titan and was aware of it unlike Eren, would that mean there would be some kind of a witch hunt, doubts and more speculation of who could be a Titan amongst them… kinda like who is a Cylon?

Battlestar Galactica anyone? Similar huh?


Hunting for the Elephant Parade in Trier Part 2

Finders Keepers!

Finders Keepers!

Today I thought to myself I’m gonna find something cute and buy it.
And here is my find an ultra kawaii jumper,
Would be great for the coming autumn.

Are you ready for me ladies?

BNW yuki gent

What the heck is this?