Memory Lane: WOnderfFylu Peru

I start my blog not while traveling or not immediately after but a year after it. Perhaps it would have been ideal to just have blogged it while traveling but its what you remember at the end of the trip that sticks to you and this is my travel story.

Dear Peru,

How are you Peru? Sometimes I forget about you but how could I… since once I met you, you got me sick.

What i remember of you my dear Peru is riddled with a quick change of scenery plus being hospitalized twice.ca_cry_2010

Let me remind you of what happened between us.

It all started in Trujillo or perhaps a bit before that but it was just a quick stop over (I forgot the name of the place its a border town/city). We thought we would stay there over night but as it turned out the whole city was booked and after an expensive taxi ride of going through one hotel to another we decided to end up in the first place we went to, which was the bus station and to just move on to Trujillo.


Riding in a bus is the mode of transportation in Peru. In fact there are several companies you can chose from. Later on we would get to pick our favorites as well and that involves traveling in the most comfiest way which is having the Cama (bed) seats.  Since we did not know any better, we picked a very uncomfortable bus.  BUT we were glad we were out of there.

We arrived early in the morning and was afraid to step out, you hear a lot of stories in regards to foreigners and getting into a taxi and the rest is a horror story.

SO we waited inside the bus station that had a clear glass wall so all of us huddled inside were in plain view from the predators/taxi drivers out side. You can see that the taxi men were waiting for us to step out. We were content to stay indoors because even the locals did not dare take a taxi at 3am. We waited till the locals were confident enough to get into taxis themselves and that started around 5am.

Inside we were scouting which taxi guy looked nice and would not A) kidnap us B) rob us C) murder us for the fun of it.

We decided that this man with grey hair which had an official ID around his neck seemed the safest bet. Then we filed in a line hoping that we could get him. And HURRAH! we did!!!!

He was a very nice, getting on with years, person and knew immediately which hotel we wanted. Did not took us to a merry go round ride and when we payed, he did not ask for more than we had in our guide book. I ❤ you nameless taxi driver!

At that time I only felt tired and not as sick as a dog as it would turn out in just under 3 hours.

THEN I was so sick that I actually was not able to see any of the sights. It was my husband that took the photos though. He said I did not miss anything but looking at them now I wish that I was able to see it  ck_bounce_201001  it’s what i call a TOINK! moment.

BUT I was so sick that (insert disgustingness) and I really had to rest up. We thought it was a stomach flu.

Later on, we realized that it was definitely not a stomach flu.

SO there you go our/my husband’s first real sight seeing moment in Peru. Here are the pictures. I hope after a year has passed that you still look as beautiful.


Write to you later Peru,


Lazy Bunny


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