Memory Lane: Semuc Champey a hidden fairy land

Dear Guatemala,

It has been almost a year and summer is ending. So how could i not remember you?

After a ride up the mountain and reaching a place of rest at a place called El Retiro, we thankfully find out that there was still a place for us to hole up in. And it was in one of the attic type rooms in bamboo huts. It had its rustic charm but in the morning we found out that we were ridden with bed bug bites.

bedbugSadly this was just the beginning of our mini wars against this dreaded insect.

UGH! i hate hate hate bed bugs! *shiver shiver*

I chose to use this image rather than an actual bed bug picture so as not to disgust you. If you ever decide to travel to South America then you should be informed about BED BUGS…*doom music*

But even though we had to deal with this big downer nothing can compare to the almost fairy like atmosphere of Semuc Champey. I almost dont want to spoil it for you. But who can resist biatch slapping you all with out of this world fantastic orgasmic pictures.

And with this memory i would forever remember you where dreams are made and fairies are still alive and somewhere a white rabbit can hop into view and perhaps youd think youve fallen into Wonderland.

Step into a view of Semuc Champey

So i just wanted to say, I MISS YOU, i wanna see you again but with friends to share the magic.


Lazy Bunny


A fellow traveler gave me this

TIP!  Cant remember the name? It just rhymes with “some more champagne” . Now do you remember it? 😉


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