Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin (ep 20) VS Battlestar Galactica?



Highlight of episode 20! WOOT! How can Levi do 3 in one go? LOL!

But yes after trying my best this week in containing my curiosity of who will be inside the aberrant female titan, they prolonged and heightened our anticipation. OMG! i cant take it anymore!!!


Perhaps pretty obvious but maybe just maybe there’s more to it than looking like Annie. There i said it!

Oh and because if she was caught as a titan and was aware of it unlike Eren, would that mean there would be some kind of a witch hunt, doubts and more speculation of who could be a Titan amongst them… kinda like who is a Cylon?

Battlestar Galactica anyone? Similar huh?



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  1. I am afraid to finsih reading your article lol
    just in case I am trying not to think about that episode, its been very troubling, cant wait to sit down and watch it

  2. Orinishi Tansu

    I could always spoil it for you hehehehe… Just kidding… Its actually… Hahaha! 🙂

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