Jumping on the ANIME 30 day Challenge! day 2

What is your favorite anime so far?

How can anyone answer this question? First,  there are many genres in anime and choosing one genre over another or comparing how one genre is better than another it just not compute in my mind.

But listing one anime per genre is just going overboard so here’s just some anime i think worth watching and that i recommend coz I LOVE THEM and can watch it over and over again or something that grabbed me by the balls (ahem! i dont have balls but i guess it’s a good figure of speech to use) !

In no order

listed as in the Gallery above

Honey and Clover , Neon Genesis Evangelion

Natsume Yuujinchou , Naruto , Kodomo no Omocha

Fushigi Yuugi, Furuba , Full Metal Alchemist

Full Moon wo Sagashite, Dragon Ball Z, Bakuman

Azumanga daioh, Angelic Layer, Samurai X


Ouran host ,Zetsuen no Tempest, Fairy Tail, Nodame

Links would be added to each anime tomorrow…  so wait for updated version

Tomorrow’s Question is

Who is my favorite male character?

OMG! This will be so difficult!! Bishounen picture upload overload?

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  1. Wow! When you said you have a lot of favorite anime, you mean A LOT! Lol oh well to each his own. Seeing Rurouni Kenshin up there among your favorites does bring the nostalgia! I remember seeing it as a kid and wanting to go home early from school so I can catch the next episodes. 😀 Looking forward to your updated version!

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