Jumping on the ANIME 30 day challenge! day 3

Today’s Question is

Who is my favorite male character?

From my previous post i couldn’t pick one favorite anime of all time but for me this question was a no brainer…

He has to be TAMAHOME from Fushigi Yuugi!

Brief character descriptions: Tamahome appears to be the strongest member of the Suzaku warriors.

LOL! i told you brief description ONLY so i dont give you any spoilers.

But the real reason why i like this character so much was because the anime showed many sides to him all through out the story. It wasnt a “boy meets girl and boy falls in love right away”  kind of thing. In fact they showed him in a negative light at first and then you grew to love him as the story progressed. Of course there were many heart throb moments for the ladies and many male testosterone throwing around in fight scenes.
They gave us a childish fun Tamahome, an in love Tamahome, an angry distraught Tamahome…  that you have to empathize with him and root for him to be the one that ends up with the heroine of the story.


Tomorrow’s Question is

Who is my favorite female character?

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