Jumping on the 30 day Anime Challenge! question # 4

Soooo late but so what!

Here’s the next on the list:

My favorite female character  ever?

UGH! too hard, i have to narrow it to 3  and in no order

Yukino Miyazawa of Kareshi no Kanojo or simply Kare Kano is a seemingly smart, attractive, athletic and talented person, who appears to be a model student. However, Her “perfect” exterior is merely a façade to hide the fact that everything she does is done solely to receive praise from others.AND stuff happened.. interesting stuff wohooo! Well anyway she’s an interesting evolving character. She wasnt given a role to be goody two shoes and she did not let people step on her and cry or act all marty-like. Makes me wanna vomit when they show scenes like that. Although Yukino is  sometimes sweet and innocent  at least  she does have her mean streak from time to time which makes watching Kare Kano interesting.


Sana Kurata from Kodomo no Omocha, child actress, adopted child, wants to help people around her but cluelsana kurataess about love and thinks her manager is her boyfriend. How cute is that? hehe! No spoilers! Of course again.. things get interesting. But she has a strong personality and even though growing up is a pain she does it with so much enthusiasm and ENERGY!
Beware of watching this anime in subs. You really got to read fast coz Kana talks so fast all the time it’s like she is always on sugar high.
I really like the male protagonist of the story too.
She is always making ups songs. Funny songs ❤

Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat, so instead of being puppy eyed and tries to forgive her childhood sweet heart she revolts andskip beat female shows everyone she cant be beat! She doesnt do the love struck hopeful musings that he will change for her. She changes herself!

Love her acting skills. hehe!




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