Jumping on the 30 day Anime Challenge, day 5

What is the anime that you are ashamed you enjoyed?

Well i dont think im ashamed of it but i guess it can be pretty embarrassing to admit to liking yaoi anime so i dont think this really answers the question.

I think perhaps this question is about enjoying an anime genre you think you wouldnt and then you enjoyed it! Or an anime based on something you wouldnt normally be interested in.So for me i would say Initial D


If someone just recommended it to me and told me it was about racing cars and liking cars and going up/down the mountain and nobody really gets a prize coz its not even an official race, PLUS the male protagonist is just a non responsive guy and has no facial expressions what so ever except BLANK. Similar to Keanu Reeves sometimes, in fact Keanu he can play Takumi!


Dont gNeo_Whoaet me wrong, i love keanu reeves and i never really noticed that his facial muscles dont move, prolly why he doesnt have wrinkles yet.. self botox. So yay to keanu or sad keanu.

OH YAH!  The point was… if you told me all that then i would say


to Initial D

But no one did and i just happened to watch an episode and that was it. Cpz i liked it…..dunno why and i guess not really ashamed but i wouldnt be all


Even so I had all the music from initial D  coz  those are good tunes to be on the treadmill. Keeps you going.

Next question would be:

What anime i want to see but havent yet?


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