Jumping on the 30 day anime challenge–FAIL!

But I’m going to continue it anyway!


Day 6 – What Anime have I not seen yet but want to…

That  would be Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, I watched the first take of it which is simply Full Metal Alchemist. Then they redid it or whatever! And I would like to watch it and see the difference but I feel like I would have to just go all through the first parts over again and that just feels like re-watching everything over again.. YAWN!


And I wouldn’t want to watch Brotherhood and all the while be thinking “awwww the first one was better”  Coz it would be like this in my mind a big ORIGINAL VS ORIGINAL + OTHER CHARACTERS IN IT!

FullmetalAlchemistVBrotherhoodvsToo much feels and not in the good way.

SO somedayyyyyyyyyyy when Ive forgotten all about the original perhaps then I could stomach watching FMA Bro.


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  1. FMA Brotherhood is more closely based on the manga. I would recommend watching through again since the animation is different and there are some details changed from FMA. But where the story starts to differ a lot from FMA would be Episode 14.

    Just think of it as a different production company’s take on a story instead of comparing too much, just like all the different Shakespeare movies and plays that still come out and still continue to be popular.

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