Bloggery news! What I watched, currently watching and some hanky panky.

Well I just wanted to share that I just finished watching Hajime no Ippo and of course started watching the new 3rd season, Hajime no Ippo: Rising, of it. It has 2 episodes out.

Hajime risingIt continues on after the last season so if you just started to watch Hajime No Ippo like I did a month ago then you wont feel that theres a big change from the flow of the story even though its been a 4 year gap from the 2nd season.

Personally I love long animes that spans to 3 seasons as long as they dont drag the fight scenes that long and it still has a background story with inserted humor here and there.

Speaking of humor… who else cannot get enough of  dong jokes they do of Ippo’s long p*nis?  hehe! Poor guy!



Another anime I’m currently watching or re-watching is Cooking Master Boy!

cooking-master-boy-episodes-onlineI watched this anime perhaps 10 years ago or something. I like Toriko (another anime themed on food and cooking) but it doesnt compare to the drama and cooking hype like they do in each episodes in CMB.

This really makes me wanna eat noodles when they cook noodles and even today for breakfast I had some instant noodles just coz they were eating it. YUM!

Anyway I’m only in episode 14 now and perhaps by next week I think i would have finished with it.

If  anyone can recommend an anime to watch. I would gladly take you up in your challenge and make a post about it.

For added sillyness heres some underpants from Attack on Titan! Dont ask me why…… coz  I look at it and think to myself,




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