My anime list to watch



Top Anime that you must watch and one liner description (in no order) – explanation at the end

1. Fushigi Yuugi – be prepared to fall in love

2. Zetsuen no Tempest – unexpectedly good, intriguing, a mix of sci-fi, magic, Shakespeares’ work and mystery
3. Kodomo no Omocha – the story of a boy and a girl’s love/hate relationship, journey to adulthood

sana kurata
4.Honey and Clover – artistic minds at work and the journey to adulthood
5. Skip Beat – about actors and actresses, self and character analysis
6. Full moon o sagashite – a dream to become a singer to find someone, heart warming and wrenching
7. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushi – a mismatch of a pair discover how to get a long or fall in love
8. Initial D (– ongoing) Boys and their toys, a lot of driving and a lot of fun music

9. Dragon Ball Z ( – ongoing ) Aliens, fantastical gadgets, martial arts and a lot of shouting
11. Lovely Complex – a short guy and a tall girl , comedic or a love pair?
12. Angelic Layer – a game for girls/ladies that is a killer or a solution
13. Ano Hana – mystery unfolds and the ties of friendship
14. Another – mysterious and creepy but intriguing – guess who the killer is
15. Arakawa under the bridge – insanely fun, there is no point to it so lets just watch it!
16. Arcana Famiglia – mafia like with characters that have different talents
17. Ayashi no Ceres – its like watching a drama series but in anime form
18. Azumanga Daioh – so silly but oh so good

azumanga daioh
19. Mushishi – sharing our lives with small bacteria like forms and how it could explain the unexplainable
20. NANA – a story about a girl and her friendship to people that are in bands, journey to adulthood and friendships that endure or when friends drift apart
21. Naruto (-Ongoing) – ninjas, comedy, love triangle, super powers… all kind of goodies
22. Natsume Yuujinchou – mystical beings and coping with it, finding friendships and acceptance

23. Chihaya Furu – a game not many knew existed and now you might want to play it, comedy, love triangle and the pursuit of dreams

24. Nodame Cantabile – so silly, there’s music, there’s a love story in it somewhere you just have to be patient and go with the sillyness
25. Nurahiyon no Mago – mystical beings, stories of the past and reincarnations
26. Chobits – cute, funny, living with machines that looks too cute
27. Clannad – love story with a mysterious side story (feel good tears)
28. Condor Hero – beautiful martial arts
29. Paradise Kiss – to fulfill ones dreams you have to go shit loads, boyfriend trouble, parent trouble, school trouble. oh boy!
30. Cowboy Bebop – a space cowboy and his wacky yet cool adventures, awesome jazz music background
31. Deathnote – a Shinigami (death god), a notebook and how theres a thin balance between evil and justice
32. Read or Die – rock, paper, scissor? Paper could win if its in the hands of a paper master
34. Rozen Maiden – didn’t you ever wished your doll came to life?
35. Rorouni Kenshin – a harmless looking man turns out to be a most feared samurai
36. Fairy Tail (– ongoing) – what if magic was for hire? and what if they were a bunch of loveable misfits and their vow of friendship is infectious
37. Fruits Basket – every episode makes you feel like hugging them

38. Full metal alchemist -what if alchemy and not science prevailed? a tale of 2 brothers search for answers
39. Shadow Skills – someone that can fight really well sure does drink a lot too! great opening and closing music
34. Gate Keepers – high school teens that have unusual powers, coupled with your teens average dilemma
35. Genshiken – delve into the otaku world and how they deal with normal problems such as trust, love, frienship and surviving being a collage student
36. Shingeki no Kyojin – how do you fight giants who are desperate to eat you? mystery and action

37. Silver spoon – perhaps you don’t want to be an average office worker then go into agriculture!
39. Sket Dance – high school students who wants to help their fellow students in unusual fun ways to solve their problems
40. Slam Dunk – how to you make a delinquent a basketball freak! full of laughs!
41. Haikyuu – conquering the challenge of being a short person and learning to be part of a team
42. Hajime no Ippo – how determination can become your talent (boxing)
43. Hatsukoi limited, – beware! boy loves man or man loves boy, really cute and not weird. hehe!
44. Hanasaku Iroha – to learn how to work hard could make you discover a dream for the future
45. Sword Art Online – what if you get trapped inside a game?
46. Hellsing – this is not your everyday glittery handsome vampire
47. Hunter X Hunter – get sucked into a huge world wherein there’s such a thing as NEN and you train to get a Hunter license then you no longer need money.

48. The Twelve Kingdoms – suddenly you’re in another world and you find that you have a destiny awaiting you there (based on a chinese mythology)
49. Toriko – almost everything in a huge world can be eaten? wtYUM!
50. Inuyasha – there is another world and you become a reincarnation of a person there, also theres a guy that looks like a wolf
51. Vision of Escaflowne – another world where you can see the earth floating in the sky like the moon, you become an oracle like person and get acquainted with someone you could possible like or hate
52. Kare Kano – its like a He said, She said kind of thing, full of laughs, full of love, full of confusion

53. Wedding Peach – for some reason I liked this anime, can you explain it to me?
54. Xxxholic – A person has been bothered by spirits all his life but all of this changed by not accident but by FATE when he stumbles upon a house that only the fated can see
55. Yakitate!! Japan – baking has never ever been so silly and somewhat informative
56. Yowamushi Pedal (-ongoing) – you don’t need to be athletic looking to ride a road racing racer bicycle, you just need to pedal
57. Bakuman – dreams… you have to work at it! a do or die project by two persons (3 worth your while series to watch)
58.Ouran host club – forever in love with all of these characters, don’t you just wish you had an afternoon club like this to go to?
59. Cooking Master boy – everything he makes looks oh so delicious you want to go to a chinese restaurant right this minute
60. Log Horizon – another tale of getting trapped inside a game but just watch and see how they take this on differently than Sword art online

First of all I can never ever tell anyone and impose my top Anime to watch you. All of us have our own preferences, I can only suggest. You have to judge for yourself.
Also I didn’t want to go into long explanations of each anime and it just ends up to be a spoiler. Each one liner is not designed to MAKE YOU watch it. It was just what i remembered from all of these animes.
Of course I watched more animes than these but these are the ones that I remember the most because they had interesting plots, the animation design were great, I cried, I fell in love with them and most importantly I wish that this anime would go on forever and ever.


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