Montenegro (Kotor) to Croatia (Dubrovnik)

Monday, July 20, 2015 at 9:44 PM Kotor,18.771234+(Kotor) We made a nice bfast of spaghetti This day Kris was supposed to go rafting but since no 1 signed up we went on a boat tour from Kotor to an island church near Perast. Perast town was out second stop its a cute sleepy town but the best part is that it has a small strip of beach looking at the island church ans the mountains surrounding it and we could stay for 2.hrs till we get picked.up again. It was really relaxing and I finally end with a slight tan~ via Miki tours, the only boat tour there is and can be a person can be found at the front of the gate trying to entice ppl to do the tour. Worth It!!!

Kotor hostels offers tours like rafting in a canyon (said to be second best against Grand canyon), North tour and etc. All of them looked as pretty as a post card and is about 35-40eu). Just try to find Oldtown hostel or Montenegro hostel or you can check out their websites) *Heres the annoying thing though, they just have a list that they put up the door near reception and a limited number of people can go or if they cant fill in the minimum number of ppl then they wont go the next day. PhOoey right? Thats why Kris wasnt able to go rafting.

We explored old town more since its very picturesque and charming except
you need to do it around 6pm in summer coz its really super hot.
(depends on which month you go of course)

After that we bought something to eat for bfast, oatmeal, yogurt, dates,
banana and blackberry wine 4eu.
We had a burger from this butcher that grill meats but ate only half each
bec first of all its a huge burger and we had a snack of
some leftover spaghetti for snack and it tasted even better.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 8:21 AM 20000, Dubrovnik,18.073864+(20000, Dubrovnik)

Our last day in Kotor, Montenegro, we decided to just chill out and go to the beach near old city. Very nice view of the town across the water, surrounding mountains and the fort of the old city. Another thing to do in Kotor is walk/climb up the stairs of the FORT that is at the mountain side, the start of the stairs can be found near Oldtown hostel. It has a view facing the sea. 

Sadly we didn’t climb the stairs to the fort since it was 3eu to do it at a certain hr. when its free most of the time.There was a blackout so we played chess while drinking in their common room which was decorated at best like in medieval times. So it was errie fun to play chess in candlelight.

Then we headed out for a walk at night. There were live entertainment every where for those eating at the restaurants but also free for all the passersby. Hehe! There was a singer and his piano, saxophone and at church a choir. ‘ We ended our night with a bottle of blackberry wine this time. oh yum yum!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at 1:56 PM Kotor,

From Montenegro to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Woke up early to catch our bus to Dubrovnik~14 eu @8:30am to get on the 9am. Although the bus station is not that far away from Oldtown Hostel. I do kinda walk slow and with luggage then its even slower.

Later on in this trip we had to change bus at Herceg novi, it was a crappy bus with only warm air no aircon and you cant open the windows .

All in all Montenegro have crappy buses. So our trip to Croatia was sweaty, hot and unbearable.

Bring tv series, movies to watch in your tablet/phone. We brought several micros with things to watch during trips on buses since sometimes the scenery is same same for hours.

Border Checks (Montenegro and Croatia) were a breeze for us and not so nice for 4 people at the back and they got their bags checked. And of course don’t forget that you are passing by a lil  strip of Bosnia so if you’ve got an card for EU then all’s well but if not then check again if youre ok to travel to Bosnia  or what not coz really its just a 10-15 min pass through but if youre unlucky and they wannna check… all in all don’t leave it up to  luck always check in every country you might pass by if  their OK with yah 😉

We arrive at the harbor Kantafig in Dubrovnik and found out we had to wait 40 min for our bus #7 that goes to our apartment Guesthouse Mary.(an alternate route if your apartment would have been taking bus to the old city and then taking bus #6  BABIB KUK which goes the same way)

We arrived and greeted with a cold drink of h20 and orange juice, so nice but then again thats why I chose it coz of the good reviews in trip advisor. Mary gave me some tomatoes to munch on as i was admiring her garden.

The VIEW of our balcony it was fantastic! The room was clean and inviting and the communal bathroom was small but did not hinder us with daily living.-50 eu double bed

We Went out to a short strip of eateries heading to the beach. It was still expensive for us (30-50+ kunas for pizza or burgers?)  than what we got used to. We changed zl and bought groceries. Ended up just buying canned food, bread, yugort, banas and a 5L h2o ~60 zl (100 kuna).

Then we went to the old city aka Kings Landing, it was really picturesque we took so many fotos. We went home around 11pm.

If you are staying till 3 days, perhaps its best to get those transportation cards that comes with the walk of the city walls. I think you maybe able to save money then unless you are staying in the old city (Starry Gran). Street full of  restaurants, bank, tourist information and grocery store is near the beach and you only need to go down the POST OFFICE bus stop.

Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 2:18 PM

Woke up early to go to the beach. stayed from 10:30 to 1pm. Went to bank, grocery, bought a hat then went for lunch at our room, normally you’d try to go to the old city or sight see some more but at the height of noon 2-4pm its just unbearable!

We went out for old city at 4pm to walk the city’s walls ~100 kuna and so worth it!Then did cable car up to get a better view ~180 kuna 2 way.

Dubrovnik after more exploration really looks like Kings Landing in Game of Thrones series.
Walked the city a lil bit more but went home around 9ish for eating at our wonderful balcony with this night view of the bridge. Also tomorrow we are heading out.


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