Super Short Stories

Sitting on a park bench, its chilly, a man and a woman are talking. Hidding under a jacket hoody trying her best not to let the tears flow she speaks softly

W: Please dont say anything, nothing at all. Im being 90% honest with you, I want to be with you. But you see, Im too much work. There will be days like now when I will be sad and you wouldnt know why. Well you will have a clue but you wouldnt understand why, why I’m sad or mad or why I will laugh. I’m just to much work so unless youre sure, dont call me.

Woman stands and walks away, struggling not to cry out loud and not understanding why her heart was breaking.
Her phone rings;

M: So can I speak now. What’s the 10%?
W: That you’d figure out my lie. And that youre calling me because you decided and you know what I want.
M: Yes.
W: I dont know if I should look back
M: Don’t worry you wont need to.

Woman looks besides her and reaches out to his face. The man is surprised with her touch. She tiptoes to kiss his lips and says;

Hello sweetie.



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