What the heck is this?

Alice.In.Wonderland.full.1248995Hi! First of all i don’t want to be pegged down

as someone that blogs about

my travels, my love for anime, my pets …etc.

I like a lot of things but mostly I am all about being:

a big kid at heart, i hope i will never grow up.

 someone that travels although more likely that i got dragged to travel i think i could be a hikikomori only i got slapped out of it (@_@)

a person who enjoys food
loves ANIME

and in love with her pets

i used to have a BUNNY  i will always remember him and thus i have used him as my banner
i now have a muppet DOG >> follow our adventures in http://www.youtube.com/user/sadyukidog

mostly im LAZY as a bunny, chewing hay and binkies  is my type of life

i may not make sense but i hope it would still be a good read.

Hope you follow me


the Lazy Bunny

  1. Hello.. Thank you very much XD.. I love anime, too.. I hope that we can be good friends. XDD

  2. Wojciech Stolarz

    salamat 4 inviting me d2 🙂

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